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    Default Hi, I'm Harry nice 2 meet all you HI's

    Hey there. It's too bad that I found such an amazing webpage like this, so late! I've been browsing through it day in day out, only for a week now, and have learned so many new theories, systems, methods of inspections, etc.

    I have just obtained my license and now is the time where I reach out to
    look for employment. I need some ideas and tips though as to the how/what's/ and where's to initiate this process.

    My question is, how did you guys all start?


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    Default Re: Hi, I'm Harry nice 2 meet all you HI's


    Obtained your licence? There are no licencing requirements in Ontario. Not yet anyway. I am a firm believer in licencing considering the dismal state of affairs in Ontario with the most well known inspection association OAHI.

    Have been inspecting since 1991. Had no mentoring, but did take the Carson Dunlop course back in 1990. School of hard knocks. Thought I could rely on associations to assist me, but after 17 years have found all of them to be lacking in some respect. The newest joke on the inspection block is NACHI.

    Welcome to the profession.

    All the best!


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