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    Default water in sump pit

    it's funny what hat the real estate agent is wearing, seller or buyer and what is right and what is wrong

    here in colorado we have many basements or crawl spaces and 90% of them have sump pit and pumps. we are a flood area

    when ever i see a pit with any water in it i write it up. i recommend removing water and monitor and if water reappears i recommend a sump pump
    remember that pit could have had that water in it since constuction and constuction guys use it as a toilet

    listing agent called and stated that he wanted to know how much water was in there and if it is below french drain there is nothing wrong

    they know everything don't they

    wanted to know what everyone else writes up


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    Default Re: water in sump pit

    Charlie, I always note whether or not there is water in the pit. If standing water is present with no pump as in your pic, I say "standing water noted in sump pit - no pump in pit - recommend having sump pump installed".

    I never understand the logic behind going through the trouble of installing a sump pit but not putting a pump in it. Why wait until ground water overflows the pit and runs all over the basement floor before deciding you need a pump? Just include the pump with the installation and save a homeowner some headaches.


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