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    Homeowner special. Dishwasher away from sink so the hooked up feed and drain directly through floor into basement.
    Any good writeup suggestions. Is there a siphon issue with no high loop?
    Feed line has no shutoff and dubious connection.

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    If memory serves, no p-trap allowed below floor level (except tub/shower). I think you mentioned no airgap.

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    No vent - that's a big problem.

    No air gap, either into a disposal, air gap, or into a tailpiece fitting, all of which allows for an atmospheric break between the water being pumped out and the drain gravity draining away.

    There is a potential for cross connection.

    Accessibility of the trap could be a problem.

    There is a minimum/maximum fall distance to the trap, but everything is screwed up, so that cannot even be measured.

    Those should serve as good starting points.

    Jerry Peck
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    Thanks Jerry that helps a lot. Plumbing not one of my strong points.


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