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    The house had a basement that was roughed in when the house was built. The homeowner did the trimout, as well as made a few "changes."

    We got called over to fix whatever was necessary to pass inspection. (Sheetrock was already up and painted.)

    First thing we noticed is that there was once a sink where a toilet now sat. Then we looked at where the sink had been moved to. The basement has a dropped ceiling, and there's no vent pipe above where the sheetrock ends. Also there's no AAV under the counter. So we cut a hole on the other side of the wall behind the sink to see where the pipe runs:

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    Not sure if there's a question there... if so, yes, it looks like crap work. Also looks like someone left a tampon or hair roller wedged between the drain and the P-trap in the first photo.

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    I think it was more of 'making us aware of what might be where we cannot see', that is tied back in to the tub drain.

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