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    Default Oh No! Another TPR Question

    TPR Valve and discharge pipe at about 45deg off set from plumb (plumb being vertical). All literature I have ever saw shows the TPR installed so the discharge is vertical, however after going vertical (down) I have seen many cases of 90's and pipe running horizontal and then outside or to another location.

    Hey at least its going down, but it doesn't seem quite right for the TPR to angled 45 degrees?

    Any referencing code or something I can use?

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    Default Re: Oh No! Another TPR Question

    As long as it slope down the entire distance to its termination, is not trapped, and the end is within 6" but not less than 6" of the air gap receptor or floor drain, etc., then it will be acceptable.

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    Default Re: Oh No! Another TPR Question


    "flow by gravity"

    plus all of the other stuff Jerry P. said

    oh, and no "tee fittings"

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