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    Default HW Heater venting

    This is a 2007 GE water heater venting into a chimney with SS liner. The pipe from the right is from a 1996 gas furnace. The "T" is horizontal at the WH and has a rise after it into the chimney. The furnace pipe has a rise in it up to the WH vent. I checked for backdrafting- there was none. I have not seen this setup before. Is it legit? I don't know if the chimney flue was sized to the new WH. The GE manual says: " Horizontal vent connectors must be
    pitched upward to the chimney at least 1/4 per foot of length". Does this mean the "T" top has to be pitched as well as the pipe after it? Sorry for the poor pic.

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    Default Re: HW Heater venting

    Greg: Duck! Your title says "HW Heater". That's verbotten language here. Water heater (WH) is OK. Hot water heater (HW heater) will get you in deep stuff with this crew.

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    Default Re: HW Heater venting

    Oh gee, almost ran the cold and hot water pipes to the wrong sides of the "HOT" water heater. No problemo, we will just put some 45s on each pipe and cross them over to the other side of the "HOT" water heater.

    We should have just left them like they were and run the hot water into the pipes from the other water heater so we could heat the hot water up in our new shiny "HOT" water heater.

    As far as the T I think any reasonable inspector would let that slide as long as the vent pipe pitches up to the flue and also the other connection to the heater pitches up to the T. Also the amount of BTUs was not added to see if the size of those flues are correct.

    Now as far as that perfect hole goes cut so neatly and tight to the "HOT" water heater flue pipe, you might want to write that up as well since there is a minimum clearance to combustibles needed. Also depending on the location of that "Hot" water heater you may want to insulate those pipes so when you heat the hot water in your new "HOT" water heater is stays hot.

    Oh, I'm sorry Aaron. Was that a good enough raz.

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    Default Re: HW Heater venting

    Geez, I was guilty of the same thing I used to stone throws at others about. " Hot" water heater indeed! Mea culpa. I thought the creative piping was funny , too.


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