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    If the hot water system has a recirculating line then it is a problem. If it does not then it is not a problem in my opinion.

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    45 seconds, thats nothing.

    You have to remember that the water supply line is buried more than likely in the soil and that the water in the line is cold. You have to drain or let that cold water flow from the line before the hot water gets to the faucet.

    A hot water supply line in the cool soil will lose its heat quickly if the water is not moving.

    A recirculatory pump helps, but then again most of them I see are not working or are unplugged.

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    Default freeze in winter

    if you are in Ohio, what measures have been taken to prevent freezing supply pipes in winter?

    That HW takes a long time to arrive is not a problem. The heater must be far away and the pipe diameter small.


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    et's guess - The heater is in the front garage, the patio is in the back 40.

    Combine long runs of underslab piping, low flow fixtures and larger (more "dead" volume) diameter pipe then you really need, and 45 seconds is more typical then unexpected. Wait times of 60 seconds even happen in McMansions.


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