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    Default Any Idea what this is for?

    I have a couple of question on the drain lines on the home i inspected today. The main sewer line exits the house above the basement floor level. I'm assuming this was done to provide enough slope to the street which is a long ways away. There is also an unfinished bathroom plumbed in the basement floor along with a 3" and 3 - 2" lines coming out of the floor in another room. My question is if this is for some kind of pumping system to pump for the basement drains. If anyone has any Idea please let me know. Thanks

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    Default Re: Any Idea what this is for?

    It's possible that they put in a pump tank outsidethat wall. But why? An interior pump up tank would have been easier! Is it a New home? Recommend obtaining plans and consulting with contractor for more info.

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    Default Re: Any Idea what this is for?

    It's impossible to say without looking at the plans. But typically with a sewage pump, there'd be a vent pipe already ran coming down from above, so that you wouldn't have to cut into the walls later.

    Though it may be a bit easier to install an indoors pump, it's not always best for the consumer in the long run. Everything breaks at one point or another, and when it does, the repair man is going to have to cart a feces and urine covered pump up and out of the basement, through the house. Whereas one outside, or one in a crawlspace, wouldn't have quite the same concerns.


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