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    Default Please stop flushing...

    Was in a crawl last week, family was in the house "checking: all the toilets.....I took this picture just as the "blue tidy bowl" water began flowing out......had to pound on the floor telling them to please stop flushing. Come to find out that one of them was actually "performance" testing the toilet. ( I didn't take any pictures ) YUCK!!!!

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    Default Re: Please stop flushing...

    For that section of copper would fetch for scrap would easily pay for the PVC to replace it.

    That or flush approx. 12-20 tampons (cotton bunnies I call them) down the toilet at once and they should plug that opening in the drain line rather nicely for a period of time.


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    Default Re: Please stop flushing...

    Did you put you hand in it I love my Job...

    Did you put your knee in it I love my Job...

    Did you step in it I love my Job...

    Is it lunch time yet



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    Default Re: Please stop flushing...

    The blue cleaners do make it easy to see any leaks on PVC drain and waste piping... Seen more than a handful in crawls down here...

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    Default Re: Please stop flushing...

    Ever had or found Blue water in a sink, tub or ice maker?

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    Default Re: Please stop flushing...

    Bleh. I hate days like that. Or when I'm doing a remodel, have the pipes cut open and someone from another crew ignores the fact that I've taped a toilet shut and uses it anyways.

    Worst one I ever saw, a crew (not mine) did a house, roughed in the attic for a future bathroom but never tied it in in the crawl. Owners then decide to finish the attic. Plumbers never re-test the lines, they just trim it out. A month or so goes by before anybody realizes that all that waste is just going into the crawl.

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    Yep, that's why the plumbers get the big bucks!

    I was doing a repair on a system that had a stoppage in the main line. The house was full of people up for the winter weekend fun.(Lake Tahoe) I told EVERYONE that I was going to cut the line open to remove a hard object. Sure enough, when I had my arm in the 4 inch line up to my armpit, (while laying on my back under the house)someone used the toilet and flushed it on me. I screamed bloody murder and went up to let them know that I did not appreciate that. They all blamed it on the little girl because no one had bothered to tell her. Gee, thanks, that makes it all better!

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    Default Re: Please stop flushing...

    I was in a 50 year old home with galv. and cast drains. Leaks went unnoticed for a long time. They fixed the plumbing and only through lime all over the crawl space. I never went in.

    Another was on a two year old home. They forgot to put the clean-out cap on the main waste pipe before it exited the crawl space. Turds and toilet paper everywhere on top of the plastic vapor barrier............I know theres more if I think about it, but these two stood out the most.

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