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    I was talking to a person the other day about an odor they have in their house. It is a slab on grade. They've had several plumbers out and one of them recommended a peppermint test to check for hidden leaks.

    I had never heard of this method of testing for leaks. Do any of you have experience with it? How effective is it?

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    Chasing odors in waste lines is hard no matter what type of test you do. I have heard of the peppermint test and I have witnessed smoke testing. My town even did smoke testing of the sewers not long ago. That was a sight seeing homes vent pipes smoking!

    I would think that if you can't find an odor that is already present then you won't be able to find a peppermint odor either.

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    Cool Re: peppermint test

    Don't you know you aren't suppose to eat the mints from the bathroom?

    They need a pipe camera to scope for breaches in the pipes. If they really have to, they can have a plumber use test balls and pressurize the system for leaks. Won't locate but will prove the DWV line is tight to a degree.


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    The "Peppermint Test" will tell if the odor is coming from the dwv system or not. Not where the leak is, if there is one.


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