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    Default Shower ice cycle

    Good Day All,

    I observed my first shower head ice cycle yesterday. When I arrived at the house for inspection the outside temperature was 9 deg. The inside temp was 23 deg. and no one turned on the heat in the house or winterized the house. OOPS!! As I was looking into the bathrooms I saw this!

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    Default Re: Shower ice cycle

    Hmmm. I wonder why they did not either turn on the heat or winterize the house. Did you find any frozen pipes?

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    Default Re: Shower ice cycle


    I believe the owner was caught in one of our first really cold mornings.

    They did have a space heater in the crawlspace and heat tape on the well line into the house which kept the house to 23 deg. on the first and second floors. Maybe they thought this was sufficient enough to keep from freezing? One can only speculate this.
    And yes there was frozen pipes to kitchen and the bathroom mentioned before. I think I caught it before major leaking took place. I think that it had froze the night before. I did shut off the water and turned on all of the heat and called the listing agent a.s.a.p. She was on the phone with the owner right away.


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