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    Default They be out there ... Be aware!

    First Google in Electric shower heads.

    Then look at this GEM ...

    Electric Shower | Endless Summer

    F.I.R.E. Services

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    Default Re: They be out there ... Be aware!

    Other then the tingle did you get some hot water?



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    Post Re: They be out there ... Be aware!

    That looks like one invigorating shower. Is that AC or DC current that feeds the shower head?

    Randall Aldering GHI BAOM MSM
    Housesmithe Inspection

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    Default Re: They be out there ... Be aware!

    Yeah, its been a while since I posted on this site...I was in South America on a Humanitarian mission for most of the summer on board a hospital ship, the USNS Comfort. We saw it all, and I think the idea here is to slightly 'zap' the bedbugs that are still on your body as you get up in the morning. But don't worry...once you get a good zap the circuit for the entire suite blows (why have more than one, they say?)

    Sorry...they should have informed you of that.
    Oh well, we can't have ALL the luxuries here in the states. You should see the ice machines...ay yi yi!

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    Default Re: They be out there ... Be aware!

    This has got to be the most enLIGHTENING thread I have read lately!


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