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    Default Re: GE Hybrid Water Heater

    New version of an old idea.

    I used to see many "heat pumps" installed above water heaters in garages in which the heat pump served to not only heat the water in the water heater, but to cool the garage.

    Besides being noisy when in the garage, and not being real efficient (like small window units are not), they actually did a decent job of cooling the garages and creating "free" hot water while doing to ... if you didn't mind the racket those things made while you were working in the garage.

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    Default Re: GE Hybrid Water Heater

    I'm all for energy savings and money savings. I agree the standard electric water heater is not only an energy hog put over the course of a couple of years can put a serious dent in the pocket.
    Thus new terms like payback have came about.
    I'm curious how one could determine what is better economically, a new unit such as this at 1600+, a tank less, or conventional. How do these units compare?

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    Default Re: GE Hybrid Water Heater

    New version of an old idea.
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    Thumbs up Re: GE Hybrid Water Heater


    Thank you for the post on the GE Water Heater. Looks like the unit will be quiet, and efficient. I do not like the 50 gallon storage for the tank and will hope that GE might consider a 40 gallon equivalent in the near future.

    After looking over the specs on the web site all it does not do is wash cloths and cook dinner (LOL).


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