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    Default ky expansion tank

    Were expansion tanks required in ky in 1995, & would they have been required when the water heater was replaced in 2005?

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    Default Re: ky expansion tank

    I just had an office meeting with an agent in calif over these things.

    This is what I pointed out to them...

    P2903.4 Thermal Expansion. In addition to the required pressure relief valve, an approved device for thermal expansion control shall be installed on any water supply system utilizing storage water heating equipment whenever the building supply pressure exceeds the pressure reducing valve setting or when any device, such as a pressure reducing valve, back flow preventer or check valve, is installed that prevents pressure relief through the building supply. The thermal expansion control device shall be sized in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions.

    I do not have the dates for these tank requirement.

    Hope this helps.



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    Default Re: ky expansion tank

    JG: I am also not aware of when your state adopted the IRC. It was likely around 2003 or 2004. That would have your 2005 water heater replacement comply with this:

    R101.2 Scope.
    The provisions of the International Residential
    Code for One- and Two-family Dwellings shall apply to
    the construction, alteration, movement, enlargement,

    replacement, repair, equipment, use and occupancy, location,

    removal and demolition of detached one- and two-family
    dwellings and townhouses not more than three stories
    above-grade in height with a separate means of egress and
    their accessory structures.

    And then refer to P2903.4 which RB has already posted.

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    Default Re: ky expansion tank

    I swear, the Hann's interface demons are insane. Sometimes I cut and paste a code reference and all is well. At other times - like above - it just scatters the $hit where it will.

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    Default Re: ky expansion tank

    I had an expansion tank installed in 2001 when I replaced my water heater. if that helps, but as long as water heater is functioning its not an issue. expansion tank is a code compliance and should have a inspection sticker from the plumber.

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    Default Re: ky expansion tank


    Short answer - Yes when it was replaced in 2005 and it should have a state plumbing inspection sticker on it. (Good luck on the sticker if it's very rural).

    Long Answer - Call the code guy for the county the house was located in or call the state Division of Plumbing (contact info at this link).

    Divison of Plumbing, Kentucky Department of Building Housing and Construction


    If my car engine is three quarts low (four quart capacity) on oil but still "functioning" is that an issue that should be corrected?


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