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    Default water heater blowing out

    My pilot light keeps blowing out and I can't figure out why. I just replaced the old one because it had a leak but I had the same problem with it. I even repalced the thermocoupler on the old one. I figured this would go away with the new one but it persists. There is a vent right on the outside of the house that goes directly into the water heater and is under the porch. I can see how it's possibly that the wind is going through there and blowing it out but I have no idea how to fix the problem and help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: water heater blowing out

    Your best bet is to get a qualified plumber.
    You don't have enough information to even begin to understand the problem, much less to get a solution.
    Areas to consider (a partial list in no particular order)
    Gas pressure
    sediment trap
    debris in the gas system
    combustion air
    Vent pipe configuration, sizing.
    Missing draft hood.

    Water heaters are very simple but can be deadly, get some professional help.
    Did you get a permit and city inspection when it was replaced?

    Jim Luttrall
    Plano, Texas


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