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    Default re; inspecting a dishwasher;

    When checking the dishwasher in the run cycle , is it good practice to unscrew the front bottom cover and check for leaks , or just assume if it's not running out from under the washer it probably not leaking.

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    Default Re: re; inspecting a dishwasher;

    Absolutely take the cover off. Not only so you can see if it's leaking and sooner before it runs all over. But there are also other things to verify. I can't remember how many I have written that were wired wrong, poorly, with romex or even extension cords. Also had one a while back the drain hose was a garden hose. Sometimes discharge is kinked, goes some weird direction, etc. What the floor looks like underneath can also tell you a lot.
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    Default Re: re; inspecting a dishwasher;

    I guess it depends on how thorough u want to be and the accessibility.

    ASHI SOP's define 'accessible'' as removable without the need of tools.

    Myself if the fasteners require minor effort, such as a furnace or heat pump cover I carry a small cordless screwdriver. Anything beyond that I do not do.

    If any fasteners are stripped or stuck.

    I stop there.

    I do this, since I remove electrical box covers and the effort is the same.

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    I have repaired several kitchen floors where the floor covering only went a couple of inches under the dishwasher, the dishwasher was only leaking a little bit, by the time the homeowner realized that the floor was "spongy" in front of the dishwasher, flooring, sub floor, joist and band sill needed replacing.

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    Taking the cover off gives clear view to the solonoid valve which leaks more than any other part of any dishwasher.

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    Default Re: re; inspecting a dishwasher;

    I always remove the cover plate (kickplate) prior to start-up of the dishwasher. You can usually identify if prior leakage is occuring by the condition of the cabinetry around the inside of the base of dishwasher.

    Anyone not inspecting under the dishwasher would be surprised at how many of them actually leak.


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    Default Re: re; inspecting a dishwasher;

    Find one leak and you'll take that cover off every time.

    Yes, the kick plate should be removed.


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