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    Default Helpful Note On Water Heater

    On yesterday's commercial inspection (former restaurant) the electricity and gas were on but the water was shut off so I was unable to test the plumbing. I was pleased to see this helpful note at one of the giant water heaters.

    I have no way of knowing if the backdrafting problem has been repaired or not but my report will include the photo and a recommendation that the water heater be inspected when water is available.

    Thanks to whoever wrote the note.

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    Default Re: Helpful Note On Water Heater

    Backdrafting in restaurants happens often when exhaust hoods are not supplied with enough make-up air. I find a lot of heated forced make-up air units are not heating so the cooks don't turn them on in the winter leaving the kitchen in a big negative pressure. Even if the water heaters have combustion air vents they won't be able to bring enough air in to the space.


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