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    Default Septic Dye testing in winter

    I'm curios how others (in the north) who perform septic dye testing handle the winter months.

    If a request is made for a septic dye test with the following conditions:
    Upper 6" - 12" of soil is frozen.
    6"+ of snow cover
    Temperatures have been below freezing for 3+ weeks.

    What would you tell your client?

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    Default Re: Septic Dye testing in winter

    Check out the fields before the test.If the system has been used regularly then a leak will show.Look at the snow. If you suspect a leak use a broom stick and probe for softer ground under the snow.If the house has been vacant then the leak might not show up for a while.If you're doing a H.I. do the load dye for free or offer a discounted price.

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    Default Re: Septic Dye testing in winter

    I'm on vacation this week... We can get together when I'm back...




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