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    Default Soda Bottle drain

    Foreclosed 2000 home. Typical vandalizing such as taking all the appliances and light fixtures. New one on me was all the kitchen and bathroom receptacles. Typical punching or kicking holes in the drywall and doors. They did not feel like taking the dishwasher so they decided to kick dents in the door.

    Few odd ball things where they took the tile off the counter back splash. They took the metal duct for the dryer which was about 15' run.

    Here's my favorite they could not figure out how to mate up the tail piece to the trap under the bathroom sink. They cut the bottom off a soda bottle and placed the neck in the trap and let the tail piece drain in the bottle pretty much like a indirect waste receptor.

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    Kind of reminds me of the old gravity gasoline pumps that had the glass reservoir where you could see the gasoline before you put it in your tank.

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