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    Default Floor Drain Backup

    At a home in city limits, if the area around a floor drain is very wet indicating a backup, what would you advise?

    If its backing up, it is likely from the storm drains correct?

    Would you call the city utility?

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    Default Re: Floor Drain Backup

    Floor drains do not connect to storm drains. They are part of the buildings sewer system.

    If it has backed up during a heavy rain, it is best to call the city and ask them if their sewers are flowing. If it is not a city sewer issue, then you will need to hire a drain cleaner.

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    Default Re: Floor Drain Backup

    Break out a garden hose on a day it's not raining, and see what happens. If it backs up, then you'll need to get a drain snake in action. Hopefully, it's just a clog and not a larger problem. You probably can't see where it terminates, which would be helpful. Some of them run to a French drain, others to the sewer, and some will drain to daylight.

    Jim Robinson
    New Mexico, USA


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