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    Default second stage regulators attached to houses

    Is there a minimum "distance from the ground" requirement for second stage regulators attached to homes? I had heard that the reason for the minimum height requirement is so snow does not lay to a height that would clog the vent below the regulator. I also heard that if the main pipe attached to the regulator (i.e., the pipe entering the home) is at least 18" off the outside ground, then this is sufficient. I would assume however, that the height requirement would refer to the distance between the bottom of the regulator and the ground directly beneath it. Any code requirements in NFPA? I am referring to a second stage regulator servicing one (1) one hundred gallon tank in lower bucks county, PA. Thank you.

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    Default Re: second stage regulators attached to houses

    I am assuming you are asking about LP gas tanks and equipment. Attached is a handy guide for them but I would highly recommend contacting the company that furnishes LP gas in your local area and ask them. Different areas may have different regulations.

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    Default Re: second stage regulators attached to houses

    Yep. Another DIY question.


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