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    Default Sewer ejector pumps

    When you inspect homes with ejector pumps do you recommend the unit be serviced. Should the pumps be inspected and serviced annually?

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    Default Re: Sewer ejector pumps

    I always tell people to have a plumber come out and do a clean and check on any sump or ejector pump and pit. The sump pits I look at because the covers are usually just laying there. The ejector pits usually can't since the covers are bolted on. I test both pumps though.
    I also tell the client to ask the Seller how old the pumps are. Sometimes you can get an idea based on what's visible. If it looks old and cruddy, I tell them to expect to buy a new one soon.
    My report says regular maintenance, not annual. The whole 'annual' thing bugs me a bit. I think clients pay less attention to it.
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    Default Re: Sewer ejector pumps

    I've run across a handful of houses in the last year that had outside sewer pumps that were maintained by a contract service company hire by the HOA (property management company). The maintenance and repair was of the pumps was included in the HOA dues. Not sure what your situation is but this is one possible scenario.


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