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    I have a water heater that I am trying to find the age for replacement.Can someone help me out Its a American Water Heater Model E62-30L-0450,S/N 1023T404897,Product # 9250272004.Does any of the numbers tell me a date. I believe State is also AO Smith.Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    I think I got this from someone who posted it here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunnar Alquist View Post
    I think I got this from someone who posted it here.
    Thanks for the info,downloaded and in my reference book.Larry

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    Great material, thanks Gunnar.

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    American Water Heater Company, manufacturer of 52 separate brands of water heaters, uses a 10-digit serial number with a year/week code in the first four digits of the serial number. The year of is the first two digits followed by the two digit week of the year. For example,the serial number 0602****** indicates that the water heater was manufactured the second week of 2006.

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    Good Information.
    Thank you Gunnar.
    Thank you Daniel.

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    If you do not have a computer or a printed version of the PDF handy, just call the manufacture and give them the information and they will be more than happy to tell you the manufacturer date. And they will tell you if the heater that is there was a warranty replacement and how long the remainder of the warranty is left.

    I have had a job where the heater manufacture date was only 18 months old, but when I called the manufacture I was informed that the heater was put in as a warranty replacement on a water heater that was 5 years 11 months old, so the warranty was done one month after the installation.


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