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    Default Garage H20 Heater Placement

    Are there any rules for FVIR WH placement in a garage? I never seen or considered a placement such as this one where the gas connection and thermostat are in the direct path of the car entry point. I wrote it up as a safety hazard, the WH should be relocated or protected by a barrier.

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    Default Re: Garage H20 Heater Placement

    Often a concrete bollard is installed in front of the water heater. This unit should also be raised at least 18 inches above the garage floor.

    James Bohac

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    Default Re: Garage H20 Heater Placement

    A barrier or elevation is required to protect it from damage in a garage or carport.
    Just FYI: The natural gas supplier in this area always "red tags" as unsafe any gas water heater that does not have the burners and ignition devices elevated at least 18" above the floor in garages even if it is a FVIR type. They contend that the flame arrestor on FVIR water heaters is intended to prevent ignition in a single emergency situation, and are designed for one time use only. I assume they feel it may not function in another event.

    Galen L. Beasley
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    Default Re: Garage H20 Heater Placement

    Thanks James, Flame vapor ignition resistant WHs, at least in our area, are not required to be elevated. Here is the statement I put in the report:

    Safety Issue, Repair: Given the location of the water heater and the orientation of the gas connections and controls, it should be better protected from physical damage particularly in light of its proximity to the path of incoming vehicles. Moving the heater or placing a physical barrier to protect the unit is recommended.

    Seems like common sense to me but was looking for specific rules (codes) for this situation. I know the sellers agent and she is going to jump and down and say the AHJ's signed off and its should be OK. House is only 3 years old.

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    Default Re: Garage H20 Heater Placement

    IRC 2006

    M1307.3 Protection from Impact. Appliances located in a garage or carport shall be protected from impact by automobiles.

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