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    Default White Teflon Tape on gas lines

    I thought I knew enough about the use of Teflon-type tapes on gas lines to be comfortable calling it out whenever I would see it. I called it out a few weeks ago when I observed it on newer gas piping to a stove top unit. It took a few weeks for a 'professional' to get out there and look at what I wrote up. The professional happened to be the plumber who installed it and said white Teflon is fine on gas lines and the inspector (Me) is full of crap. He even left the container he said he used to indicate it is gas approved (I have not seen the container). I researched Teflon tape use on gas lines again (as I have in the past) and found so many varied opinions for, against and its use. I have even visited sites that sell gas tape and it is white in a yellow round container and other sites where it is yellow tape in a yellow container. Guess my question is...what opinion do you all have about this stuff? I have been running on the idea that white Teflon tape is not approved for gas...have I been wrong all this time or it is just plain confusing out there when it comes to packagaing this product?

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    Default Re: White Teflon Tape on gas lines

    The only difference between the yellow tape verse the white is color. In some cases it might be thickness. Other than that White Teflon tape is allowed on gas systems. This subject came up in the past as well and I said the same thing.


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