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    Default Cast Iron Support

    Is cast iron required to be supported by hanging it from the floor joists, or can blocks be used under it? I would think that the hanging method would be better since it wouldn't shift around if the ground became wet.

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    Default Re: Cast Iron Support

    - P2605.1 General. Piping shall be supported in accordance with the following:
    - - 1. Piping shall be supported to ensure alignment and prevent sagging, and allow movement associated with the expansion and contraction of the piping system.
    - - 2. Piping in the ground shall be laid on a firm bed for its entire length, except where support is otherwise provided.
    - - 3. Hangers and anchors shall be of sufficient strength to maintain their proportional share of the weight of pipe and contents and of sufficient width to prevent distortion to the pipe. Hangers and strapping shall be of approved material that will not promote galvanic action. Rigid support sway bracing shall be provided at changes in direction greater than 45 degrees (0.79 rad) for pipe sizes 4 inches (102 mm) and larger.
    - - 4. Piping shall be supported at distances not to exceed those indicated in Table P2605.1.

    Table P2605.1 shows cast iron as being supported at maximum intervals of 5 feet, unless 10 foot sections are used, in which case the maximum interval between supports increases to 10 feet.

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