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    Default Shower Pan Drain Holes?

    This is a new one for me. Inspection of 10 month home today. Shower stall has a plastic pan and ceramic tile surround. There was an opening in the caulking at the bottom of the tile on each side of the pan near the front of the stall. The owner said the builder's project manager told him the openings were there on purpose to let any water, that might set on the pan rim, to drain into the catch pan under the shower. I think he meant any water that got past the tiles would drain out into the shower pan. I've never seen or heard anything like that. DOES NOT COMPUTE! Is this some new approach to water control in a shower wall?

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    Default Re: Shower Pan Drain Holes?

    I've not seen it done in my area, but have read about it somewhere, so yes, there is a method that employs those slits. I think as long as the drain stays clear, it may work. But I would stress the importance of keeping the drain clean.

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    Default Re: Shower Pan Drain Holes?

    Those are usually built in and from the picture it seems someone tried to caulk them closed.


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