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    Are Studor Mecahnical Air devices,vents allowed by code in Baltimore City?
    We have a large commercial restaurant going in our high rise building.
    They told me the local city inspector told me that the Studor vents are permissible. What section of the code can this be found?
    Capt. Stu

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    Default Re: Studor Vents

    Well that depends on what codes are enforced in your area. Do you know, or did you call the local building department?

    Studor is a Brand Name, and they make many "plumbing vent" products. AAV's (Air Admittance Valves) can be allowed by many jurisdictions if installed properly. Some areas expressly prohibit their use. "Mechanical vents" however, are almost always prohibited, except for use in mobile homes.


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    Here is a list of what states that approved and do not approve AAV's Approvals by State | IPS Corporation Best to call your local plumbing inspector and ask him if they are allowed in your city for commercial use.

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    It depends.

    However, I doubt it, as you describe your concern, which seems you are some other unrelated to the restaurant occupant. It requires engineered SYSTEM plans. Likely no in high rise, esp. in a "food" svc. in Baltimore City.

    See Appendix E of the 2009 NSPC (Nat'l Standard Plumbing Code) and Ch. 12 (Vents, etc.) and Chapter 2, 2.25, as ammended by the City of Baltimore.

    Check with Bureau of Env. Heath regarding the food estab questions. Can't build out new, nor alter a pre-existing, food service establishment without plans on file, reviewed by multiple depts, and approved. Public records might have to FOIA them and pay a fee, if you're THAT interested in the goings on elsewhere in "your" building.

    You should not be DIY altering the plumbing system in your "unit", regardless. Esp. a multi-occupancy high-rise.



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