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    Looks like a mess but does anyone see any issues? Second floor added with bath.

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    Default Re: Drain Waste

    A few.

    Jerry McCarthy
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    Just to start the use of a tee instead of a wye, and lack of proper support.

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    At the bottom where the horizontal plastic line goes into the existing drain line, how is that attached? From the looks of the picture it appears to be resting in the line, although I doubt it really is.

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    the below the floor trap on the left appears to be without a vent.

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    There are quite a few problems in that picture. That setup looks like a do-it-yourselfer went to town. Defer it to a qualified plumber.

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    I'm really not even sure what I'm looking at.

    No support.
    No purple.
    That trap that's on the left -- Is that threaded? What about the one on the right?
    The trap on the left -- How long is that arm before reaches that 4" pipe?
    The trap on the right -- Where it goes into the 2" tee, underneath that, is that a short 90* change from verticle to horizontal?
    That's quite a few bends with no cleanouts.
    Hard to tell from the photo, but do those pipes have the right slope?
    Is everything vented properly?

    That trap on the left, when it reaches the 3", what kind of fitting is that going into? Is it a 3" tee with a 2" side inlet?

    Brian: Which tee are you referring to? I thought tees were acceptable when changing from horizontal to verticle.

    Scott: That small black ring around the PVC is a type of transition bushing. It's a large rubber ring that you shove inside the cast iron, then shove the PVC or ABS or into that. The pressures between the two create a seal.


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