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    Default Age of American Standard Boiler ?

    Does anyone know how to determine the age of this boiler?
    Boiler number is GPM 6
    Series 1BSE J1

    Home was built in the 1930's. Photo attached.

    Thank you much, Ed

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    Default Re: Age of American Standard Boiler ?

    Despite limited information and clarity from what is able to be viewed in the clipped, limited area and poor lighting of the close up image of one plate, post late 1967 to the demise prior to the close of 1975, favoring the earlier 2/3rds of that range.

    I've posted before on the transitions, logos, reorganizations, corporate structure, etc. for AmStd equipment.

    When you're identifying such, its important to check logos and markings of the certification references too.

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    Default Re: Age of American Standard Boiler ?

    Thank you Mr. Watson,

    That was the only plate found on that unit. With 1967 being approximately 35years after the home was built the boiler is ready to meet its predecessor.

    Thank you much,



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