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    Default CSST exterior exposure

    Today I saw a home where they installed a CSST line from just below the meter along the wall of the home, and in beside the fireplace where it fed a gas log set. The exterior part of the line is very faded; should it not have been in conduit like an electric line? Is this allowed at all? I've never seen one run exposed like this before.

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    Default Re: CSST exterior exposure

    Strapping is an issue 4.3.6 Outdoor

    ®/FlashShieldFlexible Gas Tubing has passed all requirements of ANSI LC1, which include testing for suitability for
    exposure of CSST piping systems to outdoor environments.
    a) Outdoors – When installed outdoors, the external jacketing shall remain intact as much as practical for the given installation.
    Any portions of the exposed stainless steel tubing shall be wrapped with tape or sleeved to prevent later threats by acid or chloride based cleaning solutions for masonry. Self-bonding silicone tape is recommended here for durability.
    b) Along side a structure – When installed along the outside of a structure (between the ground and a height of 6 ft.) in an exposed condition, the Gastite

    ®/FlashShieldCSST shall be protected from mechanical damage inside a conduit or chase.
    A conduit or chase is not required if the tubing is installed in a location that will not subject the Gastite

    CSST to mechanical damage.

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