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    Default Central A/C Unit & Gas Water Heater Same Closet?

    Hello to all,
    I'm new to the board and thought I may be able to get some information on a question please.

    Just made an offer on a home and owners accepted my offer.

    The home is in great condition, but, in the hallway of the house is the Central A/C Unit in a closet, AND, in this same closet is the brand new Gas Water Heater. They are side by side maybe a few inches between the 2 of them.

    Being the home will be purchased with an FHA Loan, of course there will be a FHA Inspector coming out to the home to inspect it. We also will have an additional Home Inspector to come out and inspect the house.

    I'm not to sure if the FHA Inspector will called on the A/C Unit & Gas Water Heater being in the same closet together, but I would think that the Home Inspector would? Yes? No?

    This has to be illegal right?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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    Default Re: Central A/C Unit & Gas Water Heater Same Closet?

    It's pretty common. There will need to be a source of combustion air for the water heater. Is the central air a gas forced air furnace, or just an air handler? If forced air it will also need combustion air. There may be clearance issues with the installation, but having them in the same closet is not unusual, nor disallowed by code. It's a common method since many times they share the same flue vent and combustion air vents, and the gas line is already routed to the area.

    Jim Robinson
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    Default Re: Central A/C Unit & Gas Water Heater Same Closet?


    I works better not to do multiple posts. Single posts on one issue puts all of the comments on the same page, otherwise, multiple answers saying the same thing are needed for each multiple post.

    Refer back to your identical post under A/C systems.

    Everyone, please post to the first post under A/C systems as this will help keep all the answers together.

    (Just makes it easier to keep track of.)

    Jerry Peck
    Construction/Litigation/Code Consultant - Retired


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