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    Default Tub/Shower supplied with 3/8" flex inside wall?

    I was called on a Saturday for a "lack of water pressure in the tub/shower".
    An older rental home in a low-rent area, I knew it had the original (rusting) galvanized pipe.
    I checked the flow and noted that the tub had 1/4-turn ceramic valves, great for new copper lines, but very efficient trapping devices for the debris that galvanized pipes produce.
    After shutting off the water to the house, I pulled the valves out and was surprised to find no build-up of gunk. But, looking into the wall, I saw why. Flexible supply lines were attached to the valve supply side. They often catch the gunk first.
    I prayed that there would be an access panel on the other side of the wall.
    The tenants assured me there was one and proceeded to empty the closet in the bedroom adjacent to the bath.
    The "access panel" turned out to be a piece of 1/4" masonite, 4' high and spanning the closet wall-to-wall. First mistake.
    The closet door wasn't big enough to allow the panel to be removed, but I got it out of the way enough to see what was going on, then I went outside to laugh in private.
    What a mess!
    Galvanized pipe stubbed through the floor, no shutoff valves, then flexible (stainless mesh) 3/8" supply lines feed the shower/tub valves.
    The tub side was 1/2" galvy to a 90, then a 5" copper line to the tub spout. (No, there wasn't a dialectric union).
    The piping to the shower-head was galvanized.
    From the floor up, none of the piping is secured in any way. Everything is held in place by the valve assembly being pulled tight to the wall by the flanges.
    I replaced the clogged supply lines and everything is satisfactory (the tub fills about as quickly as you would expect with 3/8" supply lines, but the shower is fine).
    I wish I had brought my camera today, but I will add photos to this post in the future.
    I'll convince the owner to have it redone, for safety if nothing else.
    My question to you is-
    How many violations/mistakes would you mention in a case like this?

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    Default Re: Tub/Shower supplied with 3/8" flex?

    required capacities at outlet/discharge gpm & minimum required WSFUs unsatisfactory;
    protection from backflow, protection of water supply, health, public;
    riser unsecured;
    unapproved materials for location and type use employed;
    continuing, unlicensed, unauthorized work, rental unit, occupied by others.

    Chapter 29 - Water Supply and Distribution

    Chapter 29 - Water Supply and Distribution

    Why is an H.I. performing plumbing work on property of others, occupied by others?


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