Ref. the post of 01-04-2013, "Gas Meter Above Driveway" i googled about and came up with this reference source FWIW:

The PG&E Green Book has detailed instructions and diagrams for the installation of Gas and Electric meters and associated equipment.
So much so, it's a wonder that anyone can install anything anywhere.

But, it does cover the protection of gas meters in driveways and exposed areas, and/or located in the vicinity of A/C or elec. equipment.
Underground service, and plugged test tee's at the meter are also covered.

A new one to me is that braided SS flex connectors are allowed where "subsidence" is possible. But no mention of seismic allowances for SS conn's.

Anyhow, as a general resource, esp. for the diagrams, it's an excellent heads-up.

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