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    Shouldn't this gas meter vent be extended to the outside of the enclosure? There was a small vent in the door, but it smelled of gas when I opened it. The other times that I have seen the meter enclosed, the vent was extended to the outside of the cabinet.

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    NFPA Gas Meter location. Gas meters shall be located in ventilated spaces readily accessible for examination, reading, replacement or necessary replacement. Line Gas Pressure Regulators.
    (1) An independent vent to the exterior of the building sized in accordance with the regulator manufacturer's instructions shall be provided where the location of a regulator is such that a ruptured diaphragm will cause a hazard.
    (2) The vent shall be designed to prevent the entry of water, insects or other foreign materials that could cause a blockage.

    Good place for spider webs in your pic.

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