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    Default Natural Gas Main vent extension???

    Anyone seen one of these. A first for me. It appears to be a PVC extension of the gas vent on the pancake valve, but I do not understand why it was extended to and area directly over the foundation/crawlspace vent?


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    Default Re: Natural Gas Main vent extension???

    Was there a window or other opening above the regulator?

    If so, the vent extension was to provide clearance between the vent and the window/opening.

    Why they ended it just above the crawlspace vent is beyond me ... but, natural gas is lighter than air so clearances for natural gas are horizontally out and up. Propane is heavier than air so clearances for propane are horizontally out and down.

    With natural gas, the vent should be okay there. I hope Bob Harper will clarify that.

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