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    Default Depth of Trap Seal question

    This is the drain line configuration under a laundry sink. If I understand correctly, the depth of the trap seal should be 2-4 inches. To me it looks like the trap arm is too high above the p-trap (assuming that I have my terminology correct). Or is this ok?

    BTW - does anyone have or know of a good but very simple set of basic rules for plumbing trap and vent design (you know, the Idiots Guide to inspecting bad plumbing)?

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    Default Re: Depth of Trap Seal question

    Code Check
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    try the sample online and see if it's what you are looking for

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    Default Re: Depth of Trap Seal question


    They've got that entire trap installed backward.

    If the trap can be turned around and installed correctly (maybe, maybe not, because of the height of the trap arm inlet), then there should not be any problems.

    However, if the trap arm inlet is too high, the trap depth will be so great that there could be reduce flow through the trap and constant slow draining or even a constantly blocked trap.

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    Default Re: Depth of Trap Seal question

    If the trap is too deep or too big then it won't scour properly for any one fixture. That being said odd arrangements of the tail piece from a fixture can slow the volume of waste so the scouring action can't occur. No code requirements really concerning that though. Essentially what you want to create when plumbing a fixture into a trap is enough flow to create turbulence which will scour the trap and help keep it clean.

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