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    Default Cathedral ceiling next to shower head

    Performing an inspection today and came across this tub/shower next to cathedral ceiling. I am assuming that the wall is backed with nonabsorbent material but the buyer is concerned about the ceiling. There is a vent fan located near by. Any thoughts...........???????????

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    Default Re: Cathedral ceiling next to shower head

    The impervious walls should extend to a height of 6 feet minimum above the shower floor (some older codes required it to extend to the height of the shower arm where it penetrates through the wall).

    Unless you can spray the shower head up to the ceiling I wouldn't worry about it.

    From the 2012 IRC: (bold is mine)
    - R307.2 Bathtub and shower spaces.
    - - Bathtub and shower floors and walls above bathtubs with installed shower heads and in shower compartments shall be finished with a nonabsorbent surface. Such wall surfaces shall extend to a height of not less than 6 feet (1829 mm) above the floor.

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    Default Re: Cathedral ceiling next to shower head

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Kowalik View Post
    Any thoughts...........???????????
    Yeah your gonna need to install a shower curtain bar.
    *or the floors gonna be wet.

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