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    The realtor said the house was winterized but it didn't look like anything was done except the main water shut-off valved turned OFF in the basement. I tried the kitchen sink faucet and water ran out. Not a pressurized flow but water that was still in the pipes and never drained. I explained the way a house is typically winterized and the realtor said they put antifreeze in the toilets.

    Mmm hmmmm.

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    Been there, seen that, sighed with you.......sometimes you're amazed that nothing is broken.

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    Come on, give the guy a break. He knew he had to get something from an auto parts store, he just forget exactly what it was.

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    Just for those who don't know some windshield washer cleaner has some anti freeze.

    Rolland Pruner

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    [QUOTE=Rolland Pruner;253509]Just for those who don't know some windshield washer cleaner has some anti freeze.

    Yes but its toxic, you are supposed to us the pink stuff that is not toxic.


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