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    Default Proper expansion tank water pressure

    I have a new water heater expansion tank. My static water pressure is 52. When the water heats I am getting a water pressure rise to 61. I have read that the pressure should stay the same or rise very little. What might be considered very little? Should the tank pressure be re-adjusted?

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    Default Re: Proper expansion tank water pressure

    The air pressure in the tank should be set for you average static water pressure and let sit 24 hours before connecting it to your water supply.

    I installed a pressure tank in my home, but unfortunately while my static pressure is usually 55 PSI, I get spikes in the pressure during the night from my water company up to 80 PSI and as low as 45 PSI drops. I do not expect my expansion tank to last very long due to these circumstances.

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    Default Re: Proper expansion tank water pressure

    Most tanks are shipped with about 40 psi of pressure. The set pressure should match the water inlet pressure, so your may have been low. Also, too much of a change in pressure could indicate that the expansion tank is too small. Refer to the manufacturer's sizing chart.

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