Joe here!!!

I joined this site tonight because I am wanting to continue my learning at the young age of 47!

I realized about 20 years ago that when you are not willing to learn (YOU DIE!) & that the more you know, the more you realize you don't know!

Further, there are a lot of super smart and experienced people out here that are willing to share their experiences with others (Like me!) I went to the doctor today & he said he recommends for the a brain transplant because of the fields of work I have been involved with & have managed.

Just kidding on the brain transplant, however, sometimes I wonder if being an astronaut would be better! I am here to learn new things! I am freshly separated & am looking to advance my career through knowledge like never before! I am here to also share my knowledge of what I have learned over the years.... The first thins I have to teach is that you will never know everything! The second thing is that you will never stop learning if you have the desire.... So share on and its a pleasure to meet you all!


Joe B

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