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    Default Re: Cardboard Sewer Pipes

    Not just in Canada either: (from other information I have posted elsewhere)


    What is 'Orangeburg pipe'?

    Here is some history on Orangeburg pipe, what it is, how it was made, and what it was originally made to be used for. The history also shows why, especially for sewer uses, it ‘should’ all be replaced and no attempt made to 'piece in' other materials:
    - Sewer History: Articles
    - This quote from the above link provides a good description of Orangeburg pipe: "On the other hand, for being a “coal tar impregnated toilet paper tube,” this product didn’t do so badly."


    Can an existing broken Orangeburg drain pipe be connected to a new section of PVC as an acceptable repair, or must the entire pipe run of Orangeburg pipe be updated to current code?

    ‘can’ … ‘should’ … ‘must’ … or … ‘shall’?

    Without getting into all the details where I posted the other information, the short answer is that, no, one cannot replace sections of the Orangeburg pipe, the entire run needs to be replaced (based on the IRC, not sure about the code in Canada, but I suspect the resulting end short answer is the same ... as well as the long answer getting to the short answer).

    Jerry Peck
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    Default Re: Cardboard Sewer Pipes

    Correct JP, we have a sewer inspection company and yes the entire line must be replaced.

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    Default Re: Cardboard Sewer Pipes

    Ray, thanks for a glimpse into the past.
    I had to read this post...Cardboard Sewer Pipes
    And I thought the term "organic shingles" was a misnomer.
    Ever try eating one?

    • Organic, of or relating to an organism, a living entity.
    • Organic, of or relating to an anatomical organ.

    I guess you never know what the next building technology will bring until you see what was previously utilized.

    Geez Louise what's next, cellophane domestic water service?

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    I never heard of Orangeburg pipe until I bought a home in Florida. I kind of freaked out when I was told I could have this under my house. Luckily a scope of my drain revealed the I didn't have it. Unluckily, the scope of my drains revealed hat I had corroded cast iron drains.

    $8500 later and I have PVC drains. Valuable lesson learned.... have lines scoped before closing.

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