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    We inspected a house last spring with CSST gas line connected to the gas meter. CSST was not bonded and we called this out in the report. Today we received a call from the buyer saying the gas company is saying they can't have CSST pipe outdoors. Of coarse the utility can make any requirement they please; my question is can anyone provide national code or manufacturer's specs allowing direct connection to the meter outside of the house?

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    Home-Flex CSST has this in their installation instructions.

    Direct Connection
    If a direct connection from HOME-FLEX® to an independently supported gas meter is permitted
    by the local utility, the connection should include an extra 3-6" of length to allow for
    building settling and meter movement. Exposed sections of CSST are to be wrapped with
    self-bonding silicone tape, especially if the building is of masonry construction. For direct
    connections through masonry construction, a PVC sleeve is required, and also recommended
    for wood frame construction. (Figure 4.14)

    Looks like the local utility has the option of allowing it or not. It can be installed outdoors but has requirements of leaving as much jacket on as possible and wrapping the exposed SS with a self bonding silicone tape.

    Net: If the gas company says it's not's not allowed!


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