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    Default Qest Polybutylene Plumbing

    I know this is an old topic. I ran accross this type of plumbing today and I haven't seen any of this stuff for several years. How is everyone reporting this product today. I was once told to recommend replacement of the plumbing.

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    Default Re: Qest Polybutylene Plumbing

    Yes, always report it if you see it.
    The best practice is to replace it with PEX.
    A lot of times, new pipe can be pulled in attached to the old stuff.
    Insurance companies don't like to insure a house with PolyB pipe installed. So it affects the buyer's ability to get financing.

    John Kogel, RHI, BC HI Lic #47455

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    Default Re: Qest Polybutylene Plumbing

    As John said, best bet is to recommend replacement by a licensed plumbing contractor.

    Department of Redundancy Department


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