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    Default rust on gas meter


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    Default Re: rust on gas meter

    From what I can see in the photo, I wouldn't be that concerned about rust - but what is that flex line going into the ground? If it's CSST, why isn't the outer covering on it at the top?

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    Default Re: rust on gas meter


    Can not tell for sure from the photo, but that does not look like flex pipe going into the ground to me.

    It looks like some kind of wrap maybe at the top or rigid to flex maybe but the pipe going into the ground looks to me to be rigid.

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    Default Re: rust on gas meter

    That is the supply line from the gas utility. I don't think it is CSST. That "rib" looking at the top is most likely a covering on the line and the location wire that is wrapped around the gas lines so that the line can be located.

    Rust like that on a meter would not even make my report.

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    Wink Re: rust on gas meter

    I don't comment on any surface rust seen. I will comment on any meter that the base is buried in the ground or mulch for possible corrosion issues. See this a lot, mostly mulch.


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