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    Default Sewer pipe reduced

    Sewer pipe has be reduced before it goes through the basement wall, would this be an area of concern for betting a clogged drain pipe ??

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    Default Re: Sewer pipe reduced

    It's already clogged, I imagine....

    I can't see the pipe sizes well enough on my device with those pics, bit that restriction is an obvious choke point.
    That whole thing looks fubar.

    What size pipe is on the other side of that wall (looks like you can see it through the hole)?

    And some areas require the rubber adaptors/couplers to be the shielded type, above ground.

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    Default Re: Sewer pipe reduced

    In addition to what Dom said, what is that gray PVC stuck into, and is that gray PVC rated for DWV use?

    Reducing the size of the building drain is a no-no. Also, all joints must be sealed the an appropriate manner for the materials use (the appropriate manner depends on the materials being mated together).

    Good sized chase through the wall, sealed so that water on the other side does not get in, I presume.

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