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    Default PEX class action suits have begun

    As many of you predicted, the PEX systems are experiencing failures at the fittings. Odd thing is it's the brass fittings that are failing. One company involved is Zurn, the brand sold at local big box hardware stores. Haven't read all the data, but at a glance it seems that the fittings are made in China (surprised?) and have too much zinc in relation to copper content (cheaper). In hard water areas the brass fittings are developing leaks caused by reactions to the mineral content. Another issue is that the threaded fittings were machined at too high of a speed, resulting in cracks and failures at the threads. Just type in Zurn class action suit in your favorite search engine. Here's a thread from a plumbing forum, hope it's ok to post it here for related reading. Zurn class action law suit. My sorry tale. - Terry Love's Plumbing & Remodel DIY advice forum

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    Default Re: PEX class action suits have begun

    Did you read the posts about Wirsboro PEX being the best out there and there are not problems, but ...

    ... it takes skill and a learning curve to be able to install it right?

    Hmmmm ... Mr. Plumber Guy ... What about those Wirsboro systems you installed during your 'learning curve'?

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    Default Re: PEX class action suits have begun

    I had a good conversation with a tech support person from Uponor (Wirsbo) about a month ago and he told me about the 'big box store' products that were major failure points with PEX installations.

    The "corner cutting" to save a buck is tough to deal with and unfortunate for the homeowner/buyer.

    FYI - Don't hesitate to call Uponor's home office and ask for documentation on PEX including installation guidelines, etc. I've received multiple documents about the product and even got an updated 3-ring binder yesterday regarding code & technical information for PEX. They have been good/informative folks to talk with.


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