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    Default Gas line sediment trap ?

    Jim, Rich, Rick, Barry,

    Did a quick walk-through FHA Final inspection this morning on a property in Little Elm and noted a sediment trap on the furnace & W/H gas lines.

    Do y'all know if there is a Little Elm requirement for them?

    I'm curious as having inspected in Houston for years they are required down there and not similar up here in the DFW market.

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    Default Re: Gas line sediment trap ?

    Little Elm is trying to catch up with Highland Park I believe.

    Used to be nothing out there in LE but a bunch of crappy trailers.

    I know that sediment traps are recommended, but I've yet to ever see one.

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    Default Re: Gas line sediment trap ?

    You do realize that trap is installed wrong, don't you. Might as well left it off.

    ' correct a wise man and you gain a friend... correct a fool and he'll bloody your nose'.

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    Default Re: Gas line sediment trap ?

    I don't have anything on Little Elm. I write them up no matter what the local AHJ says, since it is in the code and all man. instructions. I do have a little blurb about local practice not using them, but all national standards and manufacturer's instructions call for installation...

    G2419.4 Sediment trap. Where a sediment trap is not incorporated as part of the gas utilization equipment, a sediment trap shall be installed downstream of the equipment shutoff valve as close to the inlet of the equipment as practical.

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