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    Put your camera on a lanyard and wear it around your neck.

    I've done the same thing as you before. The little side waist camera bags just don't work for me. I try to place in the pouch without looking and then dropped them on the ground.

    Although the last one was lost due to uneven concrete at the walkway which got wrote up as a safety hazard on my report.

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    I think we have all done it. That's why I now strap mine around my shoulder with a carabeener attached incase it falls (see pic)


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    You should put that photo on your profile, this way everyone will think your taking pictures of them.

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    Cool Re: Gas Line

    According to Dormont, their connectors are rated for indoor or outdoor use. The addition of coatings only improves their protection further.

    Jeff, what kind of "tap" off the meter? Are you talking about one of those illegal drain cock taps threaded into an elbow or are you talking about regular pipe thread fittings?

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