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    I came across this today. Im not sure if it's the good stuff or the bad stuff. If it's the bad stuff how do you report it.

    Thanks in advance.


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    That's polybutylene piping.

    visit Polybutylene Plumbing - What is Polybutylene? for a short description of the alleged problems with PB piping and fittings.

    I usually recommend replacement of PB piping and point the client to the web for information. I explain that a web search is going to result in many many links to companies who want to replace the piping for profit, and very few links to anyone defending PB.

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    First, though, that manifold system is installed incorrectly, and, does (WILL?) any one really want to waste time and money correcting a PB installation?

    The contractor who touches it to correct the installation will be 'the last man in' and they are the ones people usually try to hold accountable for problems caused by other, and known past product problems.

    Fix the manifold installation and if there is a problem with something else, anything else, later, and that plumber may be re-plumbing the house at their (insurance's) expense.

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    Smile Re: PEX question

    Hi Bruce,
    Here is what I use.

    The plumbing supply lines appear to be made of Polybutylene. Polybutylene is a plastic material used extensively during the 1980s and 1990s that has proven to be more prone to leakage than other types of supply piping systems like copper. Recommend reviewing any disclosure statements if available for comments on leaks in the water supply system.

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